Stacking a Team * How to Hire, Fire, & Inspire *

SheConnex Office Hours #bizchixlive 

BIZCHIX LIVE was a blast!

So much goodness!

So much insight!

So many great connections!

So much inspiration!  

But it's all over.......and now you've settled back into life, and work, and volunteering, and community building. 

You've let all the goodness absorb in, you've got your lists and your workbook sheets...and

NOW you have questions. 

I get it lady. So you're invited to JOIN IN for a Free Follow Up Chat 

TWO TIMESLOTS to choose from on

 Friday October 27th :::: 2pm EST or 8pm EST 

What looks like help to you today?

Let's carry on the conversation. Let's get you the help you need to Stack Your Team high! 

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